Micro Video Camera for Oral or Medical Surgery

Wouldn’t you agree that recording medical procedures helps increase skills, educate & reduces risk?

Medical procedures should be recorded to improve quality and accountability, say experts

Baltimore’s Professors Martin and Pawlik at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in say that video recording can detecting unprofessional behavior, and has the potential to radically improve quality, and can be used for learning and self-improvement.





The Futudent HD video cameras are ideal for documenting surgical procedures, the proCam is the world’s first miniature 4K (3840×2160@30 fps/ 13Mpix stills) medical camera and can be mounted on loupes or chair lights and is all done with USB. The video the camera captures is stunning and the photography is high quality. During surgery, both Futudent proCam and educate can record and stream video without interruption and keeping the doctors focus on the patient’s procedure.

The Futudent High-definition endoscopic camera systems that are used to produce still and video images in the surgical field during surgical endoscopic procedures. The system is sensitive in the visible and infrared spectrum. The optical image is transferred from the surgical site to the camera head by a variety of rigid and flexible scopes that are attached to the camera head. The system consists of a camera control unit (CCU) and a camera head with an integral cable that connects to the CCU.

Futudent’s cameras are designed to be used on either loupes, chair lights, or a flexible arm, with each having different advantages depending on the application.  At 18 grams the microCam is optimized for all-day loupe mounting. The 26 gram proCam can also be worn on the loupes, but it’s high 4K resolution means that digital zooming can be used to capture clear, unpixelated close-up video and photographs from the chair light. 


  • Lightweight
  • Point-of-view recording
  • Crisp, high-resolution video
  • 2X to 8X magnification
  • Perfect focus
  • Excellent depth of field
  • Captures video, stills and audio
  • Integrated cloud platform for storing and sharing videos
  • Streams real-time video to share with colleagues
  • Attaches to Enova LED Surgical Headlights

Futudent HD video cameras are ideal for documenting surgical procedures, for review and education.



proCam 4k Video Camera

4k Medical Camera

Comes with a Installation Kit


Highest resolution

The proCam is the highest resolution medical video camera on the market!

  • Films in stunning 4K detail
  • Captures high quality 13 MP still images
  • Amazes patients and colleagues with unrivaled clarity
  • Makes documentation easier, with better quality
  • Comes with the right custom mount for most loupes and lights
  • Works with Windows and Mac, plus Android for tether-free filming

Technical Details

  • Resolution: 4K, 30 fps (video), 8/13Mpx still
  • Weight: 23 grams (body only)
  • Size: 32mm x 28mm x 23mm (w/o lens)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac &Android
  • Connection: USB 2 will connect to USB 3
  • Lens options:  ⟩ Standard 16mm. ⟩ Hi magnification 25mm UHD. ⟩ Wide angle 8mm




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